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Meet Best PrA+ctice!


Dan(electro) Evans

Bass, Vocals, Harmonica, Banjo, and Trumpet, Tuba 

Dan holds a Bachelors in Music Education degree from UW Madison, where he played tuba in the famed UW Madison marching band. 

Dan learned a variety of instruments throughout college, including bass, while performing with the 132nd Army Band (of which he is still a member). Over the past twenty years, Dan has performed and recorded with a variety of Milwaukee and Madison area artists. He currently works as Band Director for the Pardeeville School District and works in the area as a freelance musician. Dan is also a published/self published composer and arranger, with a large variety of pieces to his credit. Dan has arranged/composed music for the 132nd Army Band of Madison, Wisconsin Dells High School Band, UW Marching/Varsity band, UWC Baraboo Band, and various other organizations. Dan joined Best Practice in the Summer of 2016.


Dan resides in the rural Wisconsin Dells area with his wife, Tina, and 6 children: Lily, Ruby, Grace, Max, George, and Leo.

Tim "t1mb0t" Jaeke

Tim’s experiences in music are as varied as his musical tastes.  From big hair to bluegrass--Tim has loved them all.  It is this dynamic passion that makes him a valued member of Best Practice. After seeing Slash in the music video for "Sweet Child O' Mine", Tim was inspired to pick up his guitar and rock!  High school found him fronting a Nirvana tribute band.  Industrial rock was his next calling, playing guitar in Madison’s Infinite Helix.  Now, he's playing leads for Best Practice.  Hailing from DeForest, you can catch Tim at various concerts in Madison, always searching for the next best sound.

Jason Kaltenberg
Vocals & Tambourine 

Picture a pudgy, freckled kid hunkered over a Fisher Price Phonograph, listening greedily to Phil Collins's cover of "You Can't Hurry Love," and you'll catch a glimpse of the mind that drives the mouth of the band.  Jason's roots are wide.  Of his childhood, he recalls slow-strumming evenings of Don Williams followed by nights grooving to Parliament.  Jason's musical career started in high school, behind the drums, in a Nirvana cover band.  Busied with college, preparing himself for his now-career as a middle school English teacher, Jason's love for music only broadened.  Upon his return, he refocused his musical efforts--vocally this time--recording a number of originals with his band Last-minute Shoppers and his friends in the Angry Beaver Band.  Now, settled in DeForest with his wife and their four children, Jason is excited to have found a home with Best Practice.

Anna Marie Louise
Vocals and Keyboards

<working on it> ;)

Bob "Bobby B" Meicher
Drums and Vocals

Bob is an old rock'en roller that has played the skins with several well known bands throughout Costa Rica, Canada and Yemen.  He has also given up his talents to several famous bands in the U.S....the problem is, he says he doesn't remember the names of the bands so we can't list them here.


Bob's musical influences dive into the great foundational rock music of the 60's but he still loves the great songs of the 80's that he grew up with while attending Middleton High School and UWEC.  His favorite solo artist is Austin Mahone.  His dual group favorites are the Captain and Tennille and Milli Vanilli but his all time favorite band is Hootie & The Blowfish!


Bob loves playing the drums but that doesn't pay the bills to support his two beautiful daughters, Sophie and Emma, and his trophy wife, Ann.  Bob now works as a superintendent in a local school district to help support his family and his music habit. His wife is happy he has decided to settle down with other like-minded professional musicians and that he can provide wisdom and support to his younger band mates in Best Practice!

Dan "DRob" Robson

Guitar, Trumpet

Dan started playing guitar at 15 when his best friend got a bass and wanted to start a band.  From a 1/2 sized acoustic guitar with action you could have played limbo on he kept playing and never looked back.  He's played in many bands with multiple styles from Pop Punk in his youth to playing guitar in the orchestra pit for High School Musicals.  When not gigging out Dan teaches guitar lessons at Portage Soundworks and co-hosts an Open Jam.

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